An Overview Inside the BitApps Platform

Our commitment is to furnish companies with the most up-to-date spatial data for effective land property management, and to ensure the accessibility of this data in a cost-effective manner. But this is not everything. In addition to the ability to monitor the situation on your land, we also provide you with a platform equipped with a robust yet user-friendly fieldwork management feature.

The platform provides data your company needs to get things done, from space to pocket-sized lightweight app. The workflow is fully transparent to both users and stakeholders. We provide a complete spectrum of services from the beginning until the end, including satellite monitoring and automatically updating digital maps, as well as advanced communication and messaging possibilities. Finally, to conclude the workflow, you'll find an easy task and fieldwork management feature to effortlessly handle planned initiatives. The only remaining task for you is invoicing once the project is completed. Land property management has never been this easy - or more efficient!

BitApps' platform offers different options for you to get started, from simpler solutions to more robust ones. Further details about these alternatives will be explained later in this text.


From satellite monitoring to communication and messaging

We employ remote sensing technologies and satellite imagery to track changes in vegetation, to monitor its shifts and to identify potential threats linked to climate change. Through the platform, we notify landowners and professionals of these emerging challenges. Subsequently, the platform acts as an efficient forum for landowners, organizations, and service providers to collectively strategize and determine the next steps in addressing the detected issues.

Instant notifications to all participants if any changes are made related to tasks, eliminate the need for manual updates, phone calls or emails. Centralizing all communication and messaging related to tasks in one place facilitates easy access for future reference, if needed.

The app also provides an extraordinary channel to reach your own registered customers or all the app users. It’s up to you how you want to filter or target your messages.

… and finally, to fieldwork management and reporting

When managing your fieldwork, you need to create tasks and assign them to individuals best qualified to handle each specific responsibility. We have made this process as simple as posting on social media. All you need is your colleague's or employee's mobile number to get started.

Collaboration is easy when all the info is available for everyone: tasks to be done are geolocated on the map and visible to all participants. Photos can be attached, and descriptions or additional documents can be added during creation or edited later. Our in-built navigation tool ensures quick and easy location finding when the task is about to be processed, regardless of how small or hidden the spot may be.

The app works on the field as well, even in areas with weak or unstable connections. This capability enables you to make informed decisions on the spot, optimizing your workflow and response times.

Following task completions is convenient as well. With a quick glance at your screen, you get the overall situation with task statuses visually represented on a map. Completed tasks are easily identified and ready for invoicing!

Reporting has never been easier. Just extract the data onto an Excel sheet and use it with your other tools.

The beauty of the platform: it adapts to your business’ requirements.

We adapt the platform to meet the needs of your company, and of any fragmented map-centric businesses (read more here).

We offer you several options to start using our platform

Regardless of the option you choose, the app opens you the door to two decades of improved practices, previously only available to large accounts and industry giants.

We provide you with continuously updating maps and land property monitoring, along with an intuitive task and fieldwork management feature. The easiest way to start benefitting from them is to install the app from the stores and start using it for free. The product is readily available for you to use as you prefer. The interface is intuitive, you can start working instantly.

If you want to go further, we offer you:

Customized app in your look and feel

Our white-label solution, branded with your logo and colors, positions you fast and professionally in the business landscape.

You will benefit from satellite monitoring and access an expanding array of map layers, with the flexibility to incorporate your own maps as needed. The app provides all available features, including a map-centric communication channel with your colleagues or employees, and an intuitive task and fieldwork management system, all at your disposal.

Integration to your company’s existing solutions:

With us, you will fortify your business and foster growth. You can expand your existing business by integrating services from our platform as extensions to your current solutions and unlock newfound efficiency and benefits!

We fasten up your work by optimizing workflows and reducing time-consuming tasks, especially when managing fieldwork. Having our platform as an extension will restore agility to your operations.

BitApps solutions in real use

To illustrate its practical use, we'll take you on a journey with Christoph Schwer, Managing Director, and Lisa Beckert, Forester from WBV Ebersberg/Munich-East. You will see how WoodsApp, first product launched on the BitApps’ cloud-based environment, simplifies the daily operations of this forest organization in a real-world scenario.

To get to know more about how WoodsApp contributes to foresters’ work, read more here.

Explaining BitApps solutions in a markup video:

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