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If you are already familiar with our website, you probably know that we have developed a multi-functional platform and a completely new approach to offer an easy-to-use task management to grow your business.

We developed originally this technology for large accounts but are now making it available on the mass market. You find the best practices from 20 years of work and experience within this platform.


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Map-centric decision making

The platform provides geolocated real-time information from satellite imagery, airbornes and other sources. This information helps businesses make informed decisions based on up-to-date insights.

For example, a logistics company can track their fleet in real time, monitor terrain conditions, and adjust routes for efficient delivery operations.

Say goodbye to confusion and delays.

Overlapping map layers

The platform supports multiple layers on the map, each representing valuable information.

Users can overlay different data sets, such as weather conditions, utility lines, points of interest, or demographic data.

This feature allows businesses to visualize complex information and gain insights from the overlapping layers to make better-informed decisions.

Contractor and external worker coordination

The platform enables seamless collaboration with contractors and external workers. Businesses can assign tasks, share project-specific information, and monitor progress in real time.

For instance, a construction company can coordinate with subcontractors, assign tasks, and track their activities on the map for efficient project management.

Communication with large user base

The platform facilitates communication with a large number of users, including professionals and non-professionals. It offers robust contact management features, allowing businesses to organize and filter contacts based on various criteria. This capability helps in targeted messaging to specific groups or individuals.

For example, a municipality can send alerts about road closures or water supply disruptions to residents in specific areas.

Centralized communication channel

The platform serves as a unified communication channel, integrating various communication methods such as messaging, notifications, and alerts.

Businesses can streamline their communication processes and avoid the need for multiple platforms. This simplifies interactions with contractors, workers, and users, enhancing efficiency and reducing complexity.

How it works in forest industry

Current satellite data shows the condition of the forest and WoodsApp lets you know by color coding if any health stress has been detected in your parcel or nearby. You as a forest owner or professional can take action before potential issues become more serious.

Task management in a nutshell

One of the remarkable advantages of our task management system, setting it apart from other business management tools, is its flexibility. Creating a task is incredibly simple - all you need is the telephone number of your contact, without the need for complex procedures or extensive data entry.

Our satellite data enables precise geolocation of tasks on a map whenever it is necessary. By using our integrated navigation tool, businesses can effortlessly pinpoint the exact location, ensuring seamless communication and coordination with contractors.

While handling tasks, the platform also provides a unique set of coworking opportunities as it allows you to share observations, tasks, photos, chats and attachments with customers, colleagues or employees.

You can

    Create and organize tasks with categories, subcategories and descriptions.

    Group tasks together for better organization.

    Share or assign tasks to your colleagues, contractors, employees.

    Attach files, photos, or links to tasks to provide access to all relevant information.

    Track task progress with status updates and get a whole picture of your ongoing tasks at a single glance in your dashboard.

    Set and manage deadlines to ensure timely completion and avoid delays.

    Sync across devices, allowing all team members to stay updated.

    Download task data in excel if needed, for integration into other systems.

    Filter tasks based on keywords, dates, priorities, or other criteria.

    Save your time on reporting thanks to automated notifications.

Let's customize

The game-changing aspect of this feature lies in BitApps ability to personalize the application according to your specific business requirements.

Our flexible approach ensures that the application is tailored to your company and offers you ease of use in your daily operations.

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