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WoodsApp is the first solution built on BitApps cloud-based platform. This platform is a unique combination of GIS & AI services with web and mobile solutions. Everything in the scalable cloud environment.

From us to you

Our platform is the result of countless hours, years of work, and extensive research and effort. We are proud to present it to the mass market through BitApps, after having successfully implemented it for large accounts with significant investments. We welcome you to take advantage of this solution for your business!

We can also offer these services in a truly turnkey solution, for both you and your end-user. By partnering with us, you can minimize major risks and take a step-by-step approach without significant planning or investment. Instead, you can listen to your users and tailor your business to meet their needs.

Current data

Our business is dedicated to empowering your enterprise with digital maps. We obtain up-to-date images from satellites and various other sources, including airborne data. The data is then processed and customized to meet your specific business requirements. Contact us to learn more!

Customizable platform

You can improve resource utilization and increase sales opportunities by setting up a simple and customizable app-based distribution channel.

Commerce adjustments

You have access to a variety of filters to segment user profiles, boosting your marketing efforts.

Collaborative workspace

You can save time on daily project management tasks with a powerful collaborative workspace that enables you to manage tasks, assign them to team members, and communicate with colleagues.

Cloud storage

You can keep important files accessible at all times. Store documents, photos, chats, and attachments and share them with others within the app. You also have the option of using the web version for managing large numbers of files.

Cloud Storage

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BitApps provides you an efficient distribution channel

Accessibility, availability, and affordability are at the core of success in the fast-paced business world. We believe that the key to managing your business effectively in this ever-changing environment lies in networking. Networking provides valuable information about the evolving market conditions in your industry, offering opportunities for tasking or subscription models.

Empower yourself and your sales team with the right tools and resources to grow a profitable business. Enhance your sales by creating new business models, services, and customer segments with BitApps. Let us drive your business forward.

This is what you get

Interact with users/customers

You have a tool to engage with users and customers by requesting observations from the field. This will help you understand your audience, improve customer satisfaction, and facilitate interaction.

Gather an engaged community

You can build a community of users and customers who are eager to participate and be active in your business. People who see the value in your product or service can discuss and support each other.

Store easily

You can easily store your observation-related documents, photos, or attachments and have access to them from anywhere, anytime.

Get feedback

You will receive reviews and suggestions that can help you improve your business and product or service.


You can stay connected with others by creating a chat room where you and your colleagues can discuss and share up-to-date information.

Get fresh data

You can regularly update your database with new information from the field.

Target your audience

You have the tools to create targeted customer segments based on various filters for your marketing efforts, helping you reach new customers and enhance the efficiency of your campaigns.

Stay competitive

You will take advantage of cloud computing and AI technology to maintain your competitive edge.

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