We have what you need

Whether you are a small one-person forestry organization or a giant multinational, we commit to providing you with the latest data on your land property in an accessible and cost-effective way.

You'll always have this information readily available at your fingertips, even for real-time field work management!

We have what you need

We offer several options from the simplest to the most complete, for you to get your business done

Simply install the app and start using it as you prefer. It is flexible and easy to start with.

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We customize the product to align with your specific business needs.

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Integrate our platform's services as extensions to your existing solutions.

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Install WoodsApp and test it

Install the app from the stores and start using it for free. The product is readily available for you to use it how you prefer.

We provide you with continuously updating maps and land property monitoring, along with an intuitive task management feature. Our commitment to innovation means we are always developing new features and releasing updated versions that you will also find valuable.

Customized product for your needs

Explore the full potential of land property management within a single app customized to meet your business requirements.

With our white-label solution, branded under your own logo, you'll gain access to best practices in land management accumulated over the past 20 years, previously developed to large accounts but now readily available in our app.

Use the app as a map-centric communication channel with your customers and take advantage of features like our user-friendly task management system. Benefit from satellite monitoring and all the time growing amount of map layers, with the flexibility to incorporate your own maps as needed.

Our platform integrated into your systems

Expand your existing business by integrating services from our platform as extensions to your current solutions.

By leveraging the agility of our platform, you can optimize workflows and reduce time-consuming tasks or tools especially in the fieldwork management.

If your business is moving at a slower pace than desired, let us help to revive its flexibility!

Check our win

We just launched the Germany-wide Vitality Map, a pioneering project that highlights the most critical challenges facing German forests.

Using data from ESA satellites, we are able to evaluate the health of every forest across the nation, dividing it by municipalities and levels of vitality loss.

Latest vitality data recorded on the 15.07.2023 by BitApps. In areas, where no recent satellite imagery was available due to cloud cover, vitality loss was calculated based on data from 2022. Map and Data analysis: Andreas Forstmaier, Data: Grzegorz Krok, Marek Wyszyński, Olga Kalinowska, Krzysztof Rączkiewicz, Web development: Szymon Wrzos, Design: Weronika Izert. Forest area based on a dataset by Blickensdörfer, Lukas et al. (2022): Dominant Tree Species for Germany (2017/2018), Thünen-Institut, doi.org/10.3220/DATA20221214084846.

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