What we do

We bring the power of satellite, cloud, GIS, AI, and data analysis technologies to drive new solutions for monitoring and managing natural resources.

What we do

We create

BitApps Group develops innovative solutions for all people having the interest to work for the environment.

Our passion is to show how new technologies like satellite monitoring can be utilized in the sustainable management of natural resources. WoodsApp is the first solution built on BitApps cloud-based platform.

BitApps platform is a unique combination of GIS & AI services with web and mobile solutions. Everything in the scalable cloud environment.

We cooperate

We work closely in cooperation with research organizations in developing new sustainable practices for forestry and agriculture.

In Bitapps group we are ready to support research by providing our flexible platform for innovative projects. Our goal is to create real-life solutions, which can be used in pockets of landowners and for helping organizations to improve their services.

We care

BitApps Group is an environmentally aware ICT company.

We work for the environment and we invest our assets only in sustainable funds that fall in SFDR articles 8 and 9.

Health of your forest

Check the health of the area where your forest is located for last three years and see if any variations can be detected.

Our online demo gives you only an idea of what our project WoodsApp has to offer: within the app, you can analyse variations and risk areas in your own forest, parcel by parcel.

This is just a demo version intended to give you an idea of what WoodsApp has to offer - and it's even better! With the app, you can analyse variations and risk areas in your own forest, parcel by parcel. Our online demo is limited to parcels situated in North Rhine-Westphalia. Download the app and see the forest health in whole Germany!

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